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Licensing and Manuals

Obtaining a Licence

Any organisation providing Self-Management Resource Centre (SMRC) programmes must purchase a licence.

The exception to this rule applies to those working within the Department of Health, NHS, social services and local authorities in England who are covered by a separate licence agreement between Stanford University and the Department of Health.

Whether you are receiving training from an SMRC Trainer, Master Trainer or T-Trainer or a non-SMRC Trainer, Master Trainer or T-Trainer your organisation must first obtain a licence.

The license agreement is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, except for those working under the Department of Health licence (see above). After each three year interval, licenses must be renewed.

You can purchase a single-programme licence or a multiple-programme licence

Click on the respective link for a single licence application form or a multi licence application from.


Once you have a licence you can purchase a PDF of the manual for the programme you wish to deliver.

For your copy click on the relevant Manual (below) to download a purchase order form:

The total cost for one PDF is £50.

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