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The Stanford Coordinators' Network

The Stanford Coordinators’ Network Conference 28th April 2017 Birmingham

On the 28th April members of The Stanford Coordinator Network came together in Birmingham for our first annual conference.

We heard from Martin Routledge (ex director of Coalition for Collaborative Care - C4CC) about C4CC’s strategy for supporting people to manage their own health and care. We were also joined by an old friend, Jim Phillips, who is now NHS England delivery lead for Empowering People & Communities. Jim set out the opportunities for self-management to support the implementation of the Five Year Forward View.

The Standard Coordinators Network

We then had a highly interactive session lead by Jean Thompson (Talking Health Taking Action Director) and graphically illustrated by Anna Geyer (New Possibilities) to agree our Aims and Objectives for the Network.

The Standard Coordinators Network


In the afternoon we heard from Graham Baker - QISMET Director on an exciting EU funded research project and the re-write of Ss2Q. Effichronic logo

EFFICHRONIC is an EU funded research project involving France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and UK that lasts for 3 years ie past BREXIT. QISMET is UK partner and is working through the Stanford Coordinators’ Network to roll out the research.

The research objective is to provide evidence on the positive return of investment and relevant data on cost‐efficiency of the application of the Stanford CDSMP with a special focus on those factors (health & medical related, social, cultural, economic) affecting chronic conditions in key populations.

What needs to be done:

  • Identify vulnerable groups/individuals in different regions
  • Start at least 500 ‘vulnerable’ people on programmes over 2 years, in order to achieve 400 finishers - this will begin in a year or so time
  • Assess the impact of the programme on these people
  • Summaries results and propose actions across Europe to promote CDSMP

What is needed from the Network:

  • A commitment to potentially be involved
  • Help in identifying vulnerable people and putting them through the programme
  • Help in determining impact on those people

What QISMET will give providers:

  • Free publicity for the programme locally
  • Information and support to you and your funders
  • £50 per person who goes through the programme and provides evidence of impact at the end of it
  • Research data that shows the effectiveness of the programme
  • Raised profile and increased attendance

Please contact us at if you are a member of the Network and would like to get involved in EFFICHRONIC.

Ss2Q Update

Stepping Stones to Quality was first made available in 2007 and was originally designed as a self-assessment tool for providers of Stanford programmes, to help them design and improve their programmes.

QISMET has certificated about 20 organisations to SS2Q since it was set up, but unfortunately many of them are no longer in business and it seemed to be too expensive and complicated to attract new Stanford providers.

So QISMET decided to make a simpler and cheaper certification standard that more people would want to use, and that was also attractive to funders as a guarantee of quality.

QISMET has worked with Coordinators to develop Ss2Q 2017 which simplifies and brings up to date the original Ss2Q requirements. A key change is that there is now only one level instead of three.

The Standard contains requirements for good practice that can be used for independent certification - approval by QISMET - or as guidance when setting up the provision of Stanford courses.

Click here to download Ss2Q 2017.


Q: How long does SS2Q 2017 certification take and what does the provider need to do? What does it cost?

A: Once a formal application is received an auditor is allocated in a week, and then it depends if the desktop review documentation is ready. If it is, the desktop review takes a week and the audit visit can be any time after that, depending on the diaries of the auditor and the organisation’s key people. The quickest we have done is 1 month from start to finish!

Typical cost is £1,000 for three years certification

Some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates at the Network conference:

"Brilliant network"

"A really informative day and good opportunity to network with other coordinators"

"Really enjoyed the day, thank you"

"Really pleased THTA setting up this network...they facilitated the day in a supportive and professional way - really encouraged open dialogue and collaboration"

"Great day...very supportive environment with great thought provoking questions"

"I am ending the day feeling positive and revitalised..thanks for putting this together"

"It was great to feel part of the bigger picture"

"A very valuable day and excellent food!"

Our next meeting will be by webinar on Thursday 2 November 2017 between 11:00 - 13:00

Details will be sent to Network members nearer the time, so if you don’t want to miss out click hereto download further information about the benefits of membership to the Stanford Coordinators Network.

Stanford Coordinators' Network

"Don't take our word for it"

"There is a real opportunity for those of us committed to evidence based self-management patient information to come together under the banner of person centred care to maximise the opportunities offered by the Five Year Forward View".
- Jonathan Berry, NHS England Lead - Shared Decision Making and Health Literacy

I have joined the Stanford Coordinators' Network to share best practice and learn. There are many coordinators out there so a lot of experience to offer each other but previously we have not been linked up- I am now the only person in post locally delivering the programme. I am very supportive of this Network and am looking forward to attending the Spring Conference
- Sharon Lonnen, Expert Patient Programme, Kirklees

I am new to South Derbyshire delivering the Expert Patient Programme and feel quite isolated. I have joined the Stanford Coordinators' Network so I can seek information and support and work together with my colleagues across the country. I'm looking forward to attending the Conference on 28th April
- Karen Ziglam, South Derbyshire

"The value of networks is really being recognised now, one of the key recommendations from the Realising the Value final report is how does NHS England support networks of practice..."
- Jim Phillips, NHS England Delivery Lead - Empowering People & Communities

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