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Universal Personalised Care

Personalised Care is one of the major changes set out in NHS Long Term Plan, it will mean that people will have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered based on ‘what matters’ to them.

The delivery plan for universal personalised care (Implementing the Comprehensive Model, 2019) identified six standard actions within different parts of the health care system, which if implemented in full, will support people of all ages and their carers to:

  • manage their physical and mental health and well-being
  • build community resilience
  • make informed decisions and choices when their health changes.

Personalised Care


We help facilitate the implementation of universal personalised care across local communities by:


1. Supporting the development of evidenced based, peer led, quality assured self-management programmes for people living with long term conditions and their carers


2. Providing workforce training in the following elements of Personalised Care:

Health Coaching

Health literacy awareness

Shared Decision Making

Patient Activation Measures

Social Prescribing

Overview of Personalised Care

Personalised care and support planning

Development of Personalised Care Champions


3. Support local systems in the development of a local self-care/personalised care strategy


What People Say About Our Training

''Very informative- mind blown!''

''Thanks Jo and Clare, the day went really quickly- sign of a good course. You gave us lots to think about and I look forward to giving it a go''

''I found the course so interesting and learnt a lot. Didn’t feel like nodding off- bonus!''

''Health-coaching, definitely encourages patients to think for themselves rather than us just advising them of what to do''

Health Coaching Training - November 2019


''Enjoyable and informative, challenging my own practice and beliefs''

''Really well delivered, excellent content thank you''

''Empowered us to work with patients in a positive way''

''Great ideas for overcoming challenges that we face with patients''

Health Coaching Training - October 2019

All our training and support is provided by skilled trainers and health coaches with extensive experience of supporting staff and local people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to work in partnership and start seeing immediate results. For more information please contact Clare Evans at 

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