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Virtual Self-management Support


Self management delivery options for UK licenced organisations

The evidenced based SMRC/Expert Patients Programme (EPP) self-management model focuses on increasing patient activation. Our programmes are community based, six-week courses, usually delivered by volunteers (they can also be delivered by professionals) who themselves have a long-term condition. 

Across the UK licenced provider organisations are supported by a national quality standard (ss2Q) co-produced by programme managers and people living with long-term conditions. 

There are now two ways for providers of SMRC interventions across the UK to continue to support people living with long-term conditions to effectively self-manage whilst face-to-face courses are cancelled. 

The groups are generic or can be condition specific for people living with cancer, chronic pain, diabetes and for carers.


Option 1: Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops (for CDSMP, wCDSMP, DSMP, CPSMP, CTS, or CFMY under licence) via an online platform: Skype, Zoom,  Microsoft Teams or any other organisational platform. 

To maintain quality, standardised virtual workshop materials for all the above programmes are being produced by SMRC.  These consist of workshop slides (which contain the charts for the 6-week course) and best practice guidance on virtual delivery. The slides have been completed and SMRC are in the process of developing the guidance.

UK licenced organisations can obtain the virtual workshop support slides and guidance notes here.

Option 2: Small Group Telephone Support

Mailed Tool Kits with Short Weekly Telephone Contact 

This is a new mode of delivery developed by SMRC specifically to reach the most isolated, those without computer access or those who cannot attend classes.


US Mailed Tool Kit & Telephone Scripts

This Mailed CDSMP is an evidence-based intervention which includes all the tools in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, packaged into a one-time mailing. 

It offers an alternative method for those who cannot or do not wish to attend a CDSMP workshop in person or online. 

The mailed CDSMP can be purchased from here.


UK Handbook & UK Telephone Scripts 

There is no equivalent evidence-based UK Tool Kit.

Talking Health has adapted the US telephone scripts for use with the UK Handbook, Self-management of Long-term Health Conditions (3rd Edition).

                                                                                                                                                                                           Further information about telephone scripts can be obtained here.




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