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What We Do

Self-Management Education

NHS England defines self-management education as "any form of education or training for people with long term conditions that focuses on helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to manage their own health care effectively."

We have over 20 years experience of supporting the development of generic and condition specific structured self-management education programmes.

The SMRC/Expert Patients Programme (EPP) model focuses on increasing patient activation by growing people's knowledge, confidence and skills to manage living with, or caring for someone with a long term condition. Our programmes are community based, six-week courses, usually delivered by volunteers (they can also be delivered by professionals) who themselves have a long term condition. 

Follow our straight forward four step process to help people in your community take control of their health.

Four Easy Steps to Evidence Based Self-Management Education

Step 1 - Obtain a Licence

Purchase your 3-year license to deliver community interventions here.

The following community interventions are available:

  • Building Better Caregivers (also called Caring for Me and You)
  • Cancer Thriving and Surviving (CTS)
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme (CDSMP)
  • Chronic Pain (CPSMP)
  • Diabetes (DSMP)
  • Positive Self-Management Programme (PSMP)
  • Workplace Chronic Disease Self Management Programme (wCDSMP)

Step 2 - Commission Training & Support

Recruit train and support people to deliver community interventions.

Click here to download our top tips for commissioning training.

Become a SISS member here to obtain unlimited support from us at every step of your journey.

Step 3 - Quality Assured Programmes

All licensed organisations are required to adhere to Programme Fidelity as identified by the Self Management Resource Centre (SMRC).

The Self Management Programme Fidelity Manual (2019) is a reference tool which contains 'MUST DO' fidelity strategies and is supported by an Administration/Implementation Manual (2016). Both documents can be downloaded from the SMRC website 

Providers of SMRC interventions across the UK are also supported by a national quality standard (SsQ2), which was co-produced by programme managers and people living with long term conditions.

Download SsQ2 and additional guidance on national training and support frameworks here.

UK providers can also obtain independent verification of their programmes through the QISMET Certification scheme.

Step 4 - Marketing

Generate Support for your programme to ensure its longer-term sustainability.

Join the SMRC Coordinators' Network to become part of our national community of practice and benefit from peer support and guidance from other managers of SMRC programmes, an opportunity to join a national evaluation of SMRC programmes using PAM (Patient Activation Measure) and discounted training and resources.

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